From Robert Sargeleski, property management for Janco Holdings LLC!

I Haven’t sold or rented the houses yet, I only sent Robert a feedback on a weekly bases telling him about the weekly action that we had for each week and he Wrote,

I do have to say that I Think you’re very pro active in what you have done on these homes, and giving it your full efforts, I spoke to the owners and gave them that feedback about you. No other realtor they used in the past has done all that you have done, and your communications with me has been a stellar, I thank you for that.

I wrote to him and said, I really do appreciate your kindness Robert, Thank You.

His response, You bet, I’m a firm believer that people that work hard and go above and beyond should be acknowledged.

That is a WOW!!And make me love my job more and more..

Thank You Robert,




— Anonymous